Aleksandar Aca Marinkovic

Aleksandar Aca Marinkovic has been employed as a Manager and Fitness Instructor with 24/7 Fitness Club since January 2016.
He likes keeping fit, enjoys working out and has a passion for kickboxing and K1. Aleksandar has also successfully taken part in kickboxing and K1 competitions both locally and abroad. He is an avid fan of football and basketball and also used to be a basketball player.

He started working in the fitness industry due to his strong interest in wellness and in helping customers adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.
His methods of coaching his clients include HIIT training, diet suggestions, providing the necessary motivation, pushing his customers to reach higher levels of fitness, kickboxing sessions and circuit training sessions.

Aleksandar is the ideal coach for members willing to reach their fitness goals as he holds the capability to adapt programs according to the member’s targets and goals. He is also the ideal coach for athletes willing to improve their personal performance and endurance in preparation for competitions or matches.